Friday, September 12, 2008

Chuck Season 2

Are you ready for Chuck Season 2 ?

Chuck Season 2 has a lot of surprises. Here's what  Zach Levi - Chuck had to say about Season 2, "It's twice the action, twice the drama and twice the romance. It's Chuck squared". He was also quoted saying that Chuck will die in Season 2 not once but twice. It would be interesting to see how will they manage that. 

Season 2 also bring Hot new girls on seen and Nerd Romance will be better than ever seen.

Here's a nice 7 min. clip from Season 2 of Chuck. Enjoy ! ! ! !

Chuck Season 2 Promo / Sneak Peak


Anonymous said...

I saw the premiere ep last night, and I can attest that it was AMAZING. Josh Schwartz assured me this season would be better than the last, and while I doubted him at the time, NO MORE.